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Wednesday Testing
09:37 26 Aug 2014

We will be opening the game back up this Wednesday at 9:30pm GMT (4:30 EST) until 8:00am GMT (3:00am EST) the following morning.

We'll be adding in more species to test for Wednesday's testing, including Crested Geckos, Burmese Python, Red Ackie Monitor, Western Hognose, Corn Snakes and Reticulated Pythons. The player market will also be available for testing.

Sunday testing
03:36 24 Aug 2014

We\'ll be opening the game this evening at 21:30 GMT (04:30 EST), and will remain open until the following morning.

09:51 22 Aug 2014

We will be busy adjusting some prices and applying some minor fixes across the market. We will also be fixing an issue with the forum, and should have it ready again for testing tomorrow morning (Saturday).

Friday Testing
08:14 22 Aug 2014

We have opened the game up until 22:00 GMT (17:00) for those who did not have the opportunity to test it last time.

We will also be opening the game for testing over the period of the weekend, including Monday.


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