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News and Updates

07:35 30 Sep 2014

Following last weekends testing, we are now adding on a couple more features while fixing some bugs found during the weekend.

We aim to be back online by Thursday!

- Omega

Heavily Development!
10:17 25 Sep 2014

We have been fixing a host of bugs reported while heavily developing the item market/auction, item crafting, breeding genetics (enhanced), expedition map, tutorial and implementing a new species of Snake, thanks to a brand new Artist who came forward to bring us a new design!

We plan to release all the new content this weekend, so we'll need lots of you guys to test all the new features! Stay tuned!

Note: If you considering yourself a competent digital artist, we are looking for artists to help us complete icon graphics and even entire new species to add! If you are interested, let us know by sending us a support ticket on RB2!

- Alpha & Omega (aka. Dev & Admin)

Changes Inbound!
09:52 13 Sep 2014

We're about to introduce a boat load of additions and changes, both graphical and feature wise, so thanks for bearing with us! We'll make an announcement as soon as we're ready to put the game back live!

- Omega

06:02 08 Sep 2014

We'll be taking the game offline to apply some changes and bug fixes. Due to a very hectic schedule, we'll be extending the downtime until Friday morning 9am GMT (4am EST)!


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