November 28, 2014, 11:07 am

News and Updates

Morph/Genetics Fix
09:15 09 Nov 2014

An issue with the genetics and morph data being carried across to babies has been fixed. Any fresh generations of reptiles will show the correct data, and carry across accurate genetic information to their babies! :)

- Omega

Rescue Center
08:54 06 Nov 2014

We have added the rescue center under the Reptiles menu. You can currently abandon reptiles which you cannot keep or do not want.

- Omega

Alpha Phase Reminder - Sandbox
07:17 05 Nov 2014

We would like to remind open alpha testers that all progress will be reset when beta phase begins. As such, the game should be treated as a sandbox to discover any bugs/glitches which we can fix.

Saying that, if you require additional reptos or tokens, let us know and we will allocate you some extra money to test with! This also extends to requests for boosters. :)

- Omega

Patch 0.1.9
09:04 05 Nov 2014

- The log is now colour coded, to highlight auction events, deaths, etc.
- Minimum breeding age has now been put back in.
- You can now view other player's newly born babies.
- Importer gender randomiser has been improved.
- Additional notes on breeding qualification have been added to both the breeding page and the reptile pages themselves.

- burmese python importer genetics issue fixed
- Issue with searching for character by ID has been fixed

- I have prioritised the release of the rescue center, and this should be ready by tomorrow. After this, I will be looking into an issue with some morph names not being carried over to babies.


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