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News and Updates

Major Reptile Importer Update!
08:18 23 Aug 2016

We have added a load more species, morphs, patterns and colours to the Importer!

Royal Pythons:
Enchi, Desert, Champagne, Genetic stripe, Hypo, Patternless, Royal Dinker (Under revision), Pinstripe, Banana, Albino

Corn Snakes:
Bloodred, Caramel, Charcoal, Cinder, Hypo, Lavender, Motley, Stripe, Tessera, Lava

Common Boa Constrictor:
Anery, Hypo, Marron, Motley, Caramel

Leopard Gecko:
Eclipse, Enigma, Mack Snow, Patternless-Stripe, Tangerine, Hypo, Rainwater Albino

Bearded Dragon:
Translucent, Leatherback

Red Eyed Tree Frog:
Albino, Black

Green Tree Python:
Biak, Aru

Many more species, morphs, patterns and colours will be added over the next few days!

Enjoy! :)

Note: If you notice any missing images, please let me know either via private message (the mail icon at the top left of your screen), or via support!

Market Auction Fix
10:23 16 Aug 2016

An issue with the auction bidding system where the items were not correctly inserting into the buyers inventory, and relevant reptos allocated, has now been fixed.

Chat Changes and Reptile Compendium
10:18 15 Aug 2016

I've made everybodys name in chat into a URL, so when you click on their name it takes you to their profile.

I have also added a 'Reptile Compendium' under the community menu. The Reptile Compendium lists all reptiles owned in the game. It offers options to filter the list by species and morph.

Feeder Farm Issue
08:16 15 Aug 2016

There was an issue with multiple feeder farms displaying the same breeding feeders. This has now been fixed, and each feeder farm displays their correct feeder species and food.


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