July 24, 2016, 11:19 pm

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We are working on a new development build for Reptile Breeder 3.
If you are an original Reptile Breeder / Reptile Breeder 2 player, log in here!

News and Updates

New Mini-game 'Find It'!
03:35 23 Jul 2016

We've added a new mini-game to the games center, which can be accessed under the community menu. We plan to add more mini-games over the next few weeks!


Some minor fixes
07:41 23 Jul 2016

We made some minor changes to the game.

- 'Organic' Feeder food changed to produce large feeders, instead of mediums.
- Item petshop now displays items organised by type.
- Reptile room pagination now functions as intended.

Please let us know of any further issues you find, so we can stomp them out and get back to expanding existing features! :)

Donation problems
07:20 22 Jul 2016

Hi all!

If you have any problems with donations, please contact me via private message, or pop in a response to the community Bugfinder page, and we'll sort out your tokens and donator attributes!

Reptile projects feature
10:16 22 Jul 2016

We've added a new feature to the game called "Projects", accessible under the Reptile menu. Using this new feature you can, for example, create a breeding project and assign reptiles to it. You can also assign a coloured label to the project, which will show on all reptiles assigne to that project!



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