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News and Updates

24 July, 2014 - We will be taking the game down for maintainence. We are aiming to have the game back open for testing Friday 25th between 8:30PM and 11:30PM (GMT +0). We will also be unlocking further parts of the game during the weekend for testing.

22 July, 2014 - We would like to thank those who tested this evening. We will be re-testing Thursday from 20:30 to 22:30 GMT, with access to more features.

13 July, 2014 - We're now committing to allowing more extensive periods of testing. We're aiming to add more items to the market shops, including seeding of additional boosters and general reptile items.

22 June, 2014 - We what chat room?have now completed the redesign of the group system, reptile interaction system new friends system to make connections and communication easier. We have also applied a necessary change to the inventory system and interaction system following a major exploit.

14 June, 2014 - All items within the game have received a pricing increase following latest testing feedback. Further 'booster' items have been added, such as 'Aging Booster' and 'Complete Construction Booster'.

2 June, 2014 - We have modified much of the core mechanics, enabling speedier gameplay which consequently reduces server strain and makes interacting with the website faster and more responsive.


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