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Extending Downtime
10:30 02 Sep 2014

We\'ll be extending downtime until 2pm GMT (9am EST) today. We will be introducing illness/diseases today to reptiles not cared for.

09:28 01 Sep 2014

We will be taking the game offline shortly for a period of time until the morning, allowing us to fix all those issues posted in the bug forum. We\'ll bring the game back online, along with additional morphs and sections of the game, tomorrow morning (2nd September, 10:00am GMT/05:00am EST).

Thank you for reporting these bugs! :)

- Omega

Coming Updates
09:33 30 Aug 2014

Along with the updates announced in our previous news release, we will also be working on overhauling the header/menu system, including a drop-down menu structure system. We plan to have these updates completed tomorrow.

Coming Updates and Feedback
03:04 30 Aug 2014

We have just finished off several layout tweaks, and also completed the avatar upload feature which can be found when viewing your character profile (click your character's name at the top of the page).

We are also working on pushing out the importer system, and tweaking the clutch reservation system, allowing other players to view your clutches and select a reptile to reserve for a specified repto or token amount.

Remember, without Age Now or Hatch Now boosters, reptiles will age and clutches will hatch at the beginning of each day. To balance this, we removed any space requirement of reptiles, allowing a player to effectively keep as many reptiles as they wish.

If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding any features in the game please let us know on the forum!

- Alpha & Omega


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