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MamaDragon24 (#25442): hatching koi if anyone wants some. keep in mind most of my koi r related somehow. most but not all.
GoldenFinch (#14181): I believe they have 22 different colors?
Bella_Skye (#23887): did you check the forums/morphleopedia?
Mew (#26639): how many colors of Siamese Fighting Fish are there?
SwannaMoon (#15431): Hatched some off white pretty today, the white one does look prettier but these are still pretty Check out this reptile!
SwannaMoon (#15431): I do try to avoid COI when I can cuz lost babies will be lost exp :V
SwannaMoon (#15431): I accidentally breed siblings together just because I was matching hets together and did not see COI before click "confirm pairing" and now I will prob have a lot of slugs and stillborns, at least the poss hets will be prove I guess
PetitRenard (#27077): You could also keep them and buy a make/ female for them
Gilamonsterz1 (#17289): check out some my snakes am breeding for 0 coi :)
Bella_Skye (#23887): I'll breed some snakes with a coi of like 3, then when the clutch hatches i'm all "Oh noe, can't have any coi, must sell," like, why did u breed them Skye, you idiot
SwannaMoon (#15431): Looking back my entire game life is just mistakes, even repeated few so I didn't even learn much
SwannaMoon (#15431): Yeah same for chams, I used to hate royals actually, for some reason come back to the game and like them now but I bought HIIIIIGH loci chams, got too embarrassed and spent tons of items and tokens to continue breeding them till I finally can start breeding decent loci of them now
Bella_Skye (#23887): Nah, once i got back into it i figured things out and started breeding like a normal person
Gilamonsterz1 (#17289): i dont think ive ever had a loan
PetitRenard (#27077): Want some smaller loci?
SwannaMoon (#15431): As you guys can see, royals get high on loci -._-."
Bella_Skye (#23887): Thing was i was well aware i couldnt breed them, but my dumb brain goes "ooh, big numbers! gonna buy it!"
SwannaMoon (#15431): One thing that prob save me from so many "oh I can't breed this" is 1 I found out about genetic exp fairly quickly and 2. I did not own snakes at all till 2018 X,D
PetitRenard (#27077): Anyone need reptos?
SwannaMoon (#15431): Basically everytimes I just borrow Paula's reptos orz
Gilamonsterz1 (#17289): loan?
SwannaMoon (#15431): I did get on negative reptos a lot later, trials and errors and finally I bought my first rack and got emp scorpions and....I'm rich enough to sustainbly play now(though I do get stuck sometimes, with the help of "loan" I do get unstuck fairly quickly XD)
Gilamonsterz1 (#17289): games easy :) i just find things dont get as fixed often most gets done is new creatures for donations
Bella_Skye (#23887): when i got back in i was like - this snake's loci is too high for me to breed? why did i buy this? - on like every snake i had
Bella_Skye (#23887): lucky
SwannaMoon (#15431): Yeah I did not get stuck as a newbie on reptos(for some reason I just figure mass breeding=good) but I did stuck on room space, years later return to fix everything and awhile later, find out you don't need rooms to use enclosures -_-
Gilamonsterz1 (#17289): devs just better off building sites for people would make alot more money :)
Gilamonsterz1 (#17289): i found tutorial quite easily and there is always people on to help :) haven't seen many older players on though apart from wwe and rabbit. i take small breaks to stop it becoming tedious :)
SwannaMoon (#15431): There's a wolf sim that I used to play that anything big often cost tokens, and tokens is all from players buying and selling them
Bella_Skye (#23887): I took like a 3 year hiatus cause i spent all my reptos, just now getting into it again lol
SwannaMoon (#15431): Yeah reptiles breeder game is...pretty small if I might say, newbies often leave because of confusing tutorials and didn't know how careful you have to be with reptos and also the game wasn't big on popularity
Gilamonsterz1 (#17289): i have to many snakes :(
SwannaMoon (#15431): Not like I can afford it, you guys are costly
Gilamonsterz1 (#17289): alot of websites fail because they charge high on in game purchases. I haven't seen much marketing for this atm
SwannaMoon (#15431): Oof, sounds like I'm not moving there
Gilamonsterz1 (#17289): uk was hit hard
SwannaMoon (#15431): Oop forgot the question mark
SwannaMoon (#15431): Can you reside anywhere that doesn't have inflatation lol
SwannaMoon (#15431): But generally I've seen websites which are more dependant of their version of tokens to operate, it's trade so frequently it feel much more normal than this though, though I still trade tokens normally around
Gilamonsterz1 (#17289): cost of residing in the uk lol
SwannaMoon (#15431): Yeah everything is inflation fault lol
Gilamonsterz1 (#17289): everything goes up inflation but you cant run a website on fresh air and i managed to start from scratch and have over 880 mill now
Mew (#26639): Check out this reptile!
Morphmaker101 (#13981): Check out this reptile!
SwannaMoon (#15431): Cya WWE
WWECornSerpent (#2122): But I have to leave for work now. Yuck!
WWECornSerpent (#2122): If it wasn't for the reptiles I put in myself, I would go broke from other player's sales.
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Oh, you can get the shop funds, but it takes forever to build it up.
WWECornSerpent (#2122): 5% off a 120 reptos sale doesn't even cover the 10 reptos you'll be charged for that sale. And forget about hiring employees. I've seen shops go broke with employees.
SwannaMoon (#15431): Can't you "cash out" the shop funds?

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