Reptile Breeder Game 'Standard Version'
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Remember not to link your reptiles more than 3 times at once.
MaxDemon (#24498): hello. i have some royals for sale :> if someone interested
Wriskie (#24510): howdy!
tattoobaby89 (#17730): hey salty
SaltyAlien (#23533): goo night
Dragooness (#8079): Must rest
Dragooness (#8079): Thats just a amel
SaltyAlien (#23533): Check out this reptile! i keep finding looks i havent seen before
Dragooness (#8079): Erm?
SaltyAlien (#23533): IST
Dragooness (#8079): Im back. and not yet. I havent even managed one turn damnit
SaltyAlien (#23533): OH? SURPRISE RETIC TIME HUH?
SaltyAlien (#23533): *waits*
Dragooness (#8079): oof brb
Dragooness (#8079): You are? *squeals* Ihave my first and second lobed peirced,both stretched. 6 and 12
SaltyAlien (#23533): i want snake bites and a septum and maybe i'll get spike gauges cuz im just that kinda gay
Dragooness (#8079): I want at least 7 more peircings lol
SaltyAlien (#23533): i dont like the ones that attach to your ears but i ADORE the tiny ones that just go over your nose attached to the two nose piercings yesssssssss
Dragooness (#8079): Look on the staff page we have a Sloth
sunandshadow (#24131): *oops started a war* lol
SaltyAlien (#23533): Y E S

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