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CameronM031006 (#29404): Awwwh thanks :3 just hatched a bunch of royals in my u/a tab if you wanna look
LiamBlake (#26438): oh cameron! that female is NICE!!
CameronM031006 (#29404): check my u/a tab mist ! i finished hatching royals :P
CameronM031006 (#29404): awwwh loooook :3
CameronM031006 (#29404): Check out this reptile!
mistdragonwolf (#15910): XD i cant i had to go to the unemployment office and id have to look here in a few but yush
CameronM031006 (#29404): mist! do you want cypress , high blush omega nebula and saturn royals?
CameronM031006 (#29404): Check out this reptile!
CameronM031006 (#29404): go to sleeeppp!!!
mistdragonwolf (#15910): Cam i have been up since yesterday xD
CameronM031006 (#29404): Check out this reptile!
CameronM031006 (#29404): then stay up 0.0
mistdragonwolf (#15910): Im trying so hard to not fall asleep xD
CameronM031006 (#29404): SavageWolffsoul and Hentzi might have then insectozoide
insectozoide (#30304): does someone got a male indian ornamental ?
CameronM031006 (#29404): liam do you want any royals?
LiamBlake (#26438): if you do, pm me
LiamBlake (#26438): do any of you want A beardie?
CameronM031006 (#29404): anyone wanna reserve anything before i hatch?
CameronM031006 (#29404): royal python , crested gecks , leos, and koi hatching next turn!
skyewalker38 (#17322): any body have kenyas perfer females high end 200q and no coi
insectozoide (#30304): if someone need mantis tell me xd
skyewalker38 (#17322): that are high end 200q
insectozoide (#30304): i think it's up
skyewalker38 (#17322): Any body have keynas with no coi
CameronM031006 (#29404): gime gime plz 0.0
CameronM031006 (#29404): hey john!!!
John_Kelly (#28303): Example: Albino - Recessive Gene.~Albino x Albino = All AlbinoAlbino x Het Albino = 1/2 Albino's and 1/2 Het Albino'sAlbino x Normal = All Het Albino'sHet Albino x Het Albino = 1/4 Albino's, 1/4 Normals, and 2/4 Het Albino's. 3 out of 4 babies will come out looking normal, and 2 out of those 3 should come out Hets but you can't tell by looks, so all normal-looking babies would be considered 66% Probable Hets.Het Albino x Normal = 1/2 Het Albino's and 1/2 Normals but being no way to tell until proven out the clutch is called 50% Possible Het.
insectozoide (#30304): does someone want it ?
insectozoide (#30304): Check out this reptile!
CameronM031006 (#29404): Check out this reptile!
insectozoide (#30304): 50K ayo
CameronM031006 (#29404): idk check the community drop down tab and go to species profiles and see!
insectozoide (#30304): is the imperial scorpion expensive ?
CameronM031006 (#29404): :P
insectozoide (#30304): ooo
CameronM031006 (#29404): you could also by leo's in the shop drop down tab to get started breeding leo's
insectozoide (#30304): nty
CameronM031006 (#29404): heres and eclipse if you want that pair
insectozoide (#30304): ooh ok
CameronM031006 (#29404): Check out this reptile!
CameronM031006 (#29404): not inherently , the gecko has a PH (positive het) to be 50 % eclipse . so if you bred an eclipse leo to the 50% ph eclipse . half of the offspring would be eclipse
insectozoide (#30304): when it said 50% PH eclpise that mean if i breed it with another 50% eclpise it will be 100% ?
CameronM031006 (#29404): Check out this reptile!
CameronM031006 (#29404): i have a 4 L male and i might have a female if you want me to look :)
insectozoide (#30304): yep
CameronM031006 (#29404): too low genetics?
insectozoide (#30304): i don't think so i already got 5 and still can't breed them xd
CameronM031006 (#29404): you want/need any leo's?
insectozoide (#30304): np

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