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Cotty (#27864): maybe in the market you can find someone
SwannaMoon (#15431): Yeah there's no mutation system ingame
Zigg (#27929): oh i see, i cant find any more on the market :(
Zigg (#27929): okay tyy
Cotty (#27864): no, you have to breed with the morph to get it
stayupp66 (#27919): i think so zigg, not 100% sure tho
Zigg (#27929): im new to this hehe
Zigg (#27929): if i keep breeding my normal blood pythons will one of the eggs at some point be a morph?
SwannaMoon (#15431): Pfft oki
LiamBlake (#26438): btw the hand in the picture isnt me! XD
LiamBlake (#26438): rhetorically
SwannaMoon (#15431): Um, are you asking?
LiamBlake (#26438): time to buy leopard/crested geckos?
LiamBlake (#26438): yeahh! like I thought my 9yr old one here was nearing death! XD
SwannaMoon (#15431): Could be their plus though, dogs only live for few years so they can only have several litters from 2 yo onward, royals on the otherhand, could have crazy amount I think
SwannaMoon (#15431): Yeah, though they breed at around the same time dog and a lot of other animals is recommended to be breed, they do really live
LiamBlake (#26438): woah I just realised how long Royals live!!!
LiamBlake (#26438): Id rather not imagine! XD
SwannaMoon (#15431): Imagine IRL breeding and raising them hehe
LiamBlake (#26438): snakes take a LOOONG time from Breeding to hatching! :(
Breakout26 (#23286): okay , well i got too a lot sistractet.. and lots of work
SwannaMoon (#15431): I'm pretty good today I guess, just getting distracted by everything lately though lmao
noahsmithgold (#27926): Does anyone have adult single gene bamboo?
Breakout26 (#23286): hows it going?
SwannaMoon (#15431): Howdy
Breakout26 (#23286): haiii :D
LiamBlake (#26438): ahaha OK! oOPS!
SwannaMoon (#15431): Lol you don't need to know, I don't do any social interaction there anyway, so knowing my account there doesn't do anything
LiamBlake (#26438): as swannamoon or what username?
SwannaMoon (#15431): DBG is complex fr, and I couldn't find my calling on what to breed too, but I do log in sometimes to do random stuff
SwannaMoon (#15431): Without mass action, I kinda can't play it haha-
LiamBlake (#26438): yes! I do love the sub time ones tbf. it is sometimes tempting to buy loads of dogs during that time though, which is never a good idea!!
SwannaMoon (#15431): Though DBG calendar gift some sub time which would make it playable for me for awhile lmao
LiamBlake (#26438): yeah but like an artificial insemination item is more important (to me anyway) than, for example, 5 kennel space (ive forgotten what today's was!)
SwannaMoon (#15431): It's different from DBG, but idk how to mesure the value tbh, the games have different niches and system and it's hard to even compare the two games already
LiamBlake (#26438): yeah! the reptile advent calendar gift is actually better than the DBG one for once! XD
SwannaMoon (#15431): Ooooo today's advert calender gift used to be my noob me favorite item, and also used to be the reason I'm looking foward to december the most, but now my hype have cooldown after years
LiamBlake (#26438): ahaha OK! mustve been somone else!
Cotty (#27864): Nop, I'm not breeding frogs, and I have TONS of royals xD
LiamBlake (#26438): you werent the person looking for Royals or Tree frogs, were you, Cotty?
LiamBlake (#26438): okay Im back now!
Cotty (#27864): oh no problem xD
LiamBlake (#26438): Im not too bad at all. Kinda flipping between this and DBG so sorry if I disappear for a while! XD
Cotty (#27864): i'm good, how r u?
LiamBlake (#26438): oh hi Cotty! how are ya?
Cotty (#27864): hi
LiamBlake (#26438): anyone else around?
stayupp66 (#27919): okay thanks liam guess im gonna have to just buy one females and hope they replace my reptos :(
LiamBlake (#26438): The bug reports are generally not responded to, I believe. In the Dog game anyway, the Developers just take note of it and work on it behind the scenes. Youre best bet for a response is to catch Xorphix or a moderator like Parkdufa while theyre on the game and ask them in chat!
stayupp66 (#27919): yeah liam they just stopped replying to my ticket lastnight, and its been over an hour since i made another ticket for a diff problem

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