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Pearlroseleo (#32569): Ah yes, 112 clutches hatching next turn, seems like I’ll make a lot of money, until I realize 90% are leopard geckos :’)
John_Kelly (#28303): Check out this reptile!
John_Kelly (#28303): Check out this reptile!
John_Kelly (#28303): If you click Species Profile under the Community tab you can view the Hognose and see the morphs currently in game.
Pearlroseleo (#32569): Ok, I’ll tell you when they hatch :)
MrLynx (#32781): Ohh, I'll think on that offer, Just have to figure this out first haha
Pearlroseleo (#32569): I have some lavenders hatching in a few turns, if ya want any
Pearlroseleo (#32569): There are more, they just have to be bought for tokens, or bought from other players
John_Kelly (#28303): There are multiple other morphs, they're just all acquired from the importer for tokens or other players selling what they've produced.
MrLynx (#32781): I'm new to this game, I want to breed hognoses but I'm wondering if albino and normal are the only morphs?
John_Kelly (#28303): Nice snakes y'all.
xHeavensAngelx (#32685): Check out this reptile!
Morphmaker101 (#13981): Check out this reptile!
WWECornSerpent (#2122): 8 Adult male Import Rainbow Boas on Market
skyewalker38 (#17322): hi
Duramyl (#32750): bye
Ethan8526 (#28512): Check out this reptile!
Ethan8526 (#28512): Check out this reptile!
Ethan8526 (#28512): Check out this reptile!
Nova (#20319): Anywhere from 1-8 I believe
John_Kelly (#28303): Hi Nova.
Nova (#20319): Anywhere from 1-8 I believe
OodleNoodle (#26761): its not there
John_Kelly (#28303): I'm not sure, you can view it in the species profile.
OodleNoodle (#26761): how many eggs do bettas have in 1 clutch?
John_Kelly (#28303): I put them up for you.
OodleNoodle (#26761): Ah i'll take whatever then ^^
John_Kelly (#28303): I have a pair of adult normals I could sell you for now, my turns take awhile.
John_Kelly (#28303): I have both the morphs so I've can make whatever, I just don't ha large collection and they have 1-2 babies so it's a slow process.
OodleNoodle (#26761): Ooo okay, what do you have?
John_Kelly (#28303): Two turns until I hatch more, are you looking for anything specific?
OodleNoodle (#26761): Nooooo- Will you have any more soon?
John_Kelly (#28303): Yup.
OodleNoodle (#26761): did the false cobras already sell?
John_Kelly (#28303): Coastal Carpets, Tokay Geckos, False Cobras and Multiple Tarantulas added to the market.
Pearlroseleo (#32569): Pretty good, i had a nice day.
John_Kelly (#28303): Hello Pearl how're you doing?
Pearlroseleo (#32569): Hi
John_Kelly (#28303): Hello everybody. :)
AlterAngelus27 (#28240): Take care
Duramyl (#32750): bye
Duramyl (#32750): i go off know its like 3 am at my place i
AlterAngelus27 (#28240): yeah something like that
Duramyl (#32750): yeah but that is still in alpha i think
AlterAngelus27 (#28240): in development rn so we cant play it
AlterAngelus27 (#28240): there is a dragon breeding one by the same dev team tho
AlterAngelus27 (#28240): ikr xD
Duramyl (#32750): i mean dragons but no bull snake? :D
Duramyl (#32750): yeah!
AlterAngelus27 (#28240): I knowww and I wanna see bull snakes added xD they have some nice morph combos

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