Reptile Breeder Game 'Standard Version'
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Legal Conformity and Links

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Remember not to link your reptiles more than 3 times at once.
bsmurf05 (#22288): up*
bsmurf05 (#22288): Wwe can u put of a beta fish stud for me
SwannaMoon (#15431): Oh well prob no,i'll ps them then
SwannaMoon (#15431): Anyone want some black widows before i finally hatch all of my clutches and turn finally?lol
WWECornSerpent (#2122): As much as I hate to do it, I have 7 clutches sired by this guy and it's time for him to go to a new home. On 24 hr Auction: Check out this reptile!
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Royals, cresties and a rhino viper on market!
Mavery (#13053): Got some adult royals, and some juvie/adolescent AFT geckos for sale on the market. :)
bsmurf05 (#22288): Anyone selling beta fish or axolotl
Mavery (#13053): Wow Serengeti died before my old Clown girl. :x He was 31y and 11m, she is still alive and 33y and 7m. xD
YukiShiba648 (#26021): Uh ok it could be a while before i can afford that
MamaDragon24 (#25442): the average sale price is a minimum of 14k and the space is 325 for an adult. they must be housed in a lair which is 400k and then an additional 200k (maybe less) to change the habitat to the correct one. most dragons on here r gonna cost u around 90k or more depending on the Q
YukiShiba648 (#26021): What do they sell for and how much space?
MamaDragon24 (#25442): pm me if u want any
MamaDragon24 (#25442): anyone want dragons? ill have some soon
stormmistty (#22644): Mhm, I am happy with these piebalds^^
YukiShiba648 (#26021): Shes nice
stormmistty (#22644): Check out this reptile!
stormmistty (#22644): Alright Yuki this is the baby of the girl
stormmistty (#22644): Hmmm if you say so
YukiShiba648 (#26021): No thats ok i can wait for a bit i dont think thats worth 50k and id feel bad

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