Reptile Breeder Game 'Standard Version'
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Legal Conformity and Links

Under development
Remember not to link your reptiles more than 3 times at once.
ava12 (#24629): It is under the reptile tab on the to menu, careers in 4th from the bottom
Acheron (#25287): Where can I do that? It was not in the totorial
ava12 (#24629): You can get a career too if you haven't already, you collect money every 24h
Acheron (#25287): wait nvm I found the games
Acheron (#25287): Is there like a bank or something that works like one?
ava12 (#24629): Yes you can, just keep in mind it brings their health down a bit when you do that. And thank you
Acheron (#25287): can you breed males multiple times per tern or not?
Acheron (#25287): pinstripe
ava12 (#24629): You can sell it to a player shop, but it won't sell immediately.
ava12 (#24629): Quick question to anyone online, currently I have to choose my next royal. I'm torn between a pastel, pinstripe and a lemon blast. In real life that is now, so as I'm very indecisive I'd just like to hear which one others thinks is more beautiful
Acheron (#25287): Well I started like half an hour ago I doubt anyone would want a het Axanthic
ava12 (#24629): When you hatch them and don't select them to keep, they automatically sell to the petshop. But when you keep them they have to be atleast 1month to sell them on the market. But you can still put it on auction
Acheron (#25287): At what age can you sell babies? It said they are too young do they need to be juviniles?
ava12 (#24629): My pleasure
Acheron (#25287): thanks
ava12 (#24629): Hi everyone :) Acheron you can look at species profile under the community tab
Acheron (#25287): Where xould you look up info for a species?
BunBon (#25184): Yeah old age, if you go to community and then species profiles, you can see all the species, space req. ages ect
SnakeLover999 (#25282): what causes your reptiles to die? Is it old age or something?
skyewalker38 (#17322): also three sand boas

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