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LiamBlake (#26438): I have hypo and black gene RETF's if you want any!
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Don't sell what you already have. Buy a couple more adult females to pair to your males.
Zigg (#27929): id seriously aprrecitate it also would you try a third go sell them all?
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Send me that request and you won't have to wait and save. :)
Zigg (#27929): oh okay thanks heaps ill have to save for some of them and try
WWECornSerpent (#2122): The male you have will eventually breed your female.
WWECornSerpent (#2122): If you are short on funds, send me a Buddy request for a boost. Also, do the Advent Calendar every day for some really good gifts.
Zigg (#27929): does anybody have any non morph male royals i cant even afford another one lol
WWECornSerpent (#2122): A good way for beginners to increase all their levels rapidly is to breed red-eyed tree frogs. Buy 1 adult hypo male and 5 normal females. Get a few groups like this if possible and just breed them and sell all the offspring.
Zigg (#27929): heya liam
Zigg (#27929): oh damn so i need to try different males?
LiamBlake (#26438): afternoon all!
WWECornSerpent (#2122): You have to increase your Breeding level. Unfortunately, you have to have successful pairings to do that. It's one of those things that new players have to suffer through for a little while.
Zigg (#27929): ive wasted 12 turns and i dont understand what im doing wrong :(
Zigg (#27929): hi there! would you have any idea how to stop my female python rejecting the male?
WWECornSerpent (#2122): Hello!
Zigg (#27929): anyone there?
Zigg (#27929): last callllll
Zigg (#27929): anyone want a bunch of blood pythons?
Cotty (#27864): maybe in the market you can find someone
SwannaMoon (#15431): Yeah there's no mutation system ingame
Zigg (#27929): oh i see, i cant find any more on the market :(
Zigg (#27929): okay tyy
Cotty (#27864): no, you have to breed with the morph to get it
stayupp66 (#27919): i think so zigg, not 100% sure tho
Zigg (#27929): im new to this hehe
Zigg (#27929): if i keep breeding my normal blood pythons will one of the eggs at some point be a morph?
SwannaMoon (#15431): Pfft oki
LiamBlake (#26438): btw the hand in the picture isnt me! XD
LiamBlake (#26438): rhetorically
SwannaMoon (#15431): Um, are you asking?
LiamBlake (#26438): time to buy leopard/crested geckos?
LiamBlake (#26438): yeahh! like I thought my 9yr old one here was nearing death! XD
SwannaMoon (#15431): Could be their plus though, dogs only live for few years so they can only have several litters from 2 yo onward, royals on the otherhand, could have crazy amount I think
SwannaMoon (#15431): Yeah, though they breed at around the same time dog and a lot of other animals is recommended to be breed, they do really live
LiamBlake (#26438): woah I just realised how long Royals live!!!
LiamBlake (#26438): Id rather not imagine! XD
SwannaMoon (#15431): Imagine IRL breeding and raising them hehe
LiamBlake (#26438): snakes take a LOOONG time from Breeding to hatching! :(
Breakout26 (#23286): okay , well i got too a lot sistractet.. and lots of work
SwannaMoon (#15431): I'm pretty good today I guess, just getting distracted by everything lately though lmao
noahsmithgold (#27926): Does anyone have adult single gene bamboo?
Breakout26 (#23286): hows it going?
SwannaMoon (#15431): Howdy
Breakout26 (#23286): haiii :D
LiamBlake (#26438): ahaha OK! oOPS!
SwannaMoon (#15431): Lol you don't need to know, I don't do any social interaction there anyway, so knowing my account there doesn't do anything
LiamBlake (#26438): as swannamoon or what username?
SwannaMoon (#15431): DBG is complex fr, and I couldn't find my calling on what to breed too, but I do log in sometimes to do random stuff
SwannaMoon (#15431): Without mass action, I kinda can't play it haha-

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